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International Exchange

Our Delegation Goes to the UK for Educational and Academic Exchanges

public time:2020-01-09

Our Delegation Goesto the UK for Educational and Academic Exchanges


    From March 24thto March 28th , 2019, at the invitation of Bath Spa University and Aberystwyth University, Li Xuequan, secretary of the Party Committee of our school, led a delegationto Britain to carry out educational and academic exchanges, and to promote the exchangesof teachers and students and research work between schools. The heads of the Pre-school Education College, Music and Dance College, Art and Design College, Foreign Language College, Discipline Construction and Development Planning Department and other Departments also visited as the delegation members.

    On the morning of March 25th , Li Xuequan and his delegation were warmlyreceived by the leaders of each college of Bath Spa University. Our delegation exchanged ideas with the Vice President of Bath Spa University and the directorsof International Exchange Office, the Academic Affairs Office and relevant secondary colleges. Vice President Sue gave Li Xuequan and his delegation a detailed introduction of the school's history, developmentpresentsituation , talents training mode, students' employment status and international reputation, and also put forward two sides' intentions of teacher’sexchange between two schools and research, student exchange, project cooperationand other aspects in the fields of music and dance, pre-school education, language education, economic management and other disciplines.Through the talks, the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation agreement. After the talks, the delegationvisited the paper library and electronic library of Bath Spa University on the spot, and watched on-the-spot teaching of performance, music, film and television productionand visited the studio.

    On the March 26th , Li Xuequan and his delegationvisited Aberystwyth University in Wales, England. The exchange group had in-depth exchanges with the leaders of the school's International Relations Office,Arts and Social SciencesCollege, the applied psychology major and the International English Center. Dr. Anwen,from the college of Arts and Social Sciences , highly praised our college’ effortsin the cultivation of artistic talents and fully affirmed the previous achievements made by two sides in exchange and cooperation.

    Li Xuequan introduced our school’s status, and pointed out the common placesin terms of school vision, educational objects, training objectives, specialty setting and discipline constructionand others. Hehoped that two sides would cooperate more closely in more fields and on a deeper level to jointly train high-quality talents. Later, Li Xuequan and his delegation visited a fewstudios and on-the-spot teaching sites of the Arts and DesignCollege. Finally, Li Xuequan and Luo Xiangke presented the traditional Chinese painting works drawn by our teachersto the school.

    Through the careful preparation and frank communication during the visit, this visit has achieved the expected resultsand laid the foundation for further cooperation and exchange of our schooland Bath Spa University and Aberystwyth University, further promoted the training of international talents and the process of students’ exchange and study in our school. In order to implement the results of educational exchanges, the next key points are: Firstly , to actively interface with relevant universities and colleges, and strive to make the already reached intentions into substantive cooperation and achieve results as soon as possible; Secondly, to take this activity as an opportunity to further strengthen foreign exchanges; Thirdly, to strengthen connotation construction and build brand;Fourthly, tostrengthen practical teaching; Fifthly ,tomanage with highly efficient and studywith great concentration. (Drafted by Shi Yangtangshi from International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and edited by Song Wenzhifrom the Publicity Department of Changsha Normal University)


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