International Exchange

International Exchange

Vice President Xu Qingjun Leads the Delegation to Singapore for Academic Exchanges

public time:2020-01-09

Vice President Xu Qingjun Leadsthe Delegationto Singapore for Academic Exchanges

    From December 17th to December 21st, at the invitation of several institutions of higher learningin Singapore, Vice President Xu Qingjun led a delegation of six people, including Ma Zhenzhong, Dean of Information Science and Engineering college , Associate Professor Luo Cong, Professor Liu Yumei, Dr. Long Hui and Dr. Li Liewen, to Singapore National University, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore University of Science,Technology and Design, to carry outactivities forworking visit and academic exchanges.

    During this trip, the exchange group visited 5 faculties of 3 universities and 2 museums (a toy museum and Singapore national museum). Prof. Phan-ThienNhan, Assistant Dean of Engineering college and Head of the department of Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Singapore, Professor Quan Chenggen, the doctoral tutor, and others received the group . The two sides had in-depth discussions andreached preliminary agreements ontheexchangesbetween two colleges , overseas famous teachersprograms and scientific research cooperation. During the period of visiting Singapore University of Science, Technology and Design, the two sides had in-depth discussions on academic exchanges and joint training of studentsofthe University of Science, Technology and Design. Under the lead of Professor Cai Yiyu, director of the Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory of Nanyang Technological University,theyinspected many colleges of mechanical engineering, computer, electrical and electronicsand others . The school's advanced robot laboratory impressed everyone deeply , the two sides also had in-depth exchanges on visiting scholars and scientific researchand other things.

    Through careful preparation in advance and frank communication during the visit,the visithas achieved the expected results and laid the foundation for cooperation and exchange between our university and Singapore's high-level universities. Taking this visit as an opportunity, we have further strengthened theefforts of foreign exchange, focused on cultivating advantageous specialties and disciplines, and further promotedour university's international cooperation. (Shi Yangtangshi , International Cooperation and Exchange Office)



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