International Exchange

International Exchange

Our Cultural & Artistic Delegation has Achieved a Complete Success

public time:2020-01-09

The Exchange between Our Cultural & Artistic Delegation and Universities of the United States 

Has Achieved a Complete Success



    At the invitation of Jacksonville University, St. Joseph University and Lauren Community University in the United States, thecultural and artistic delegationof Changsha Normal University, composed of 11 teachers from our school's folk music performance group, headed bytheAssistant President and the Head of Music and Dance Department Wu Yueyue, went to the United States for a 10-day visit and exchange.

    This trip aimsto promote cultural exchanges between China and the United States, deepen exchanges in discipline construction, publicize the image of our school, display ourschool’straditional national musical instruments and dance performances, and sign friendly cooperation agreements. During this visit,the cultural and artistic exchange group traveled to Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Ilia and other cities in the United States, and carried out cultural exchange activities with Jacksonville University, St. Joseph University and Lauren Community University, as well as four special performances of traditional Chinese national musical instruments and dances . Everywhere they went, they were warmly welcomed by local Chinese and overseas Chinese, American politicians and academics. The performance was sensational and won wide acclaim fromChinese and overseas Chinese and American friends. Through thereports in the overseas Chinese mainstream media, The USChina Press, this exchange performance in the United States has also arousedgreat concernin the United States.

    On the 18th, Wu Yueyue and all the members of the visiting mission held an art practice teaching exchange meeting with teachers and students of the art college of Jacksonville University. At the exchange meeting, the President of Jacksonville university gave a speech to warmly welcome the delegation from our university. After that, the studentsof Jacksonvill University performed vocal music and instrumental music programs. After that , Wu Yueyue introduced the basic situation, cultural construction, discipline construction and personnel cultivation of our school, and invited the school’s students and teachersto Changsha Normal University for visit and exchange, thenshe performed erhu solo in the warm applause of the teachers and students of that school. Besides,Zhao xian, an instrumental musicteaching teacher , performed the pipa solo and gave a detailed introduction to the skillsof playing the pipa.

    On the19th morning, our full-time musicteachers were invited to listen to a music history course at Jacksonville University. After class, the teachers and the music history professor discussed the content, methods and forms of music history teaching,and the full-time teachers of the dance teaching and research section entered the freshman’s class of dance major to have physical interaction with the teachers and students. After class, they also exchanged some ideas such as the stimulation of tacit understanding between dance partners, classroom arrangement, teacher-student interaction and feedback after class in modern dance.

    The performance venue was crowded with people on the evening of the 19th , and it was brilliant and the cheers were constant. The erhu solo"A Flower ", "Chirping Birds in the Mountains ", the pipa solo "Dragon Boat", and the bamboo flute "Journey to Suzhou " and others, showing the essence of traditional Chinese folk art. The danceperformances "Bardy" and "Folk Dance Mix" were passionate, exquisite and touching. The solo "Liuyang River" and "Dragon-BoatMelody " are catchy, rhyming, and the folk music ensemble "Happy Night" is harmonious and tacit. The audience present were all impressed by the beautiful melody and superb skills of traditional Chinese folk music and dance, and the applause and cheers extended for a long time. Thiscultural exchange also attracted many teachers and students from University of North Florida and local Chinese and overseas Chinese to appreciate .Besides , the professor Ouyang, who is from University of North Florida also sent gifts specially, hoping to have more opportunities to watch wonderful Chinese art performances in the future.

    On the 20th, our delegationwent to St.Joseph University in Philadelphia. Since the signing of the friendly cooperation agreement between our school and St. Joseph University in 2015, two sides have cooperated for many times. The invitation from Anderson, the Vice President of St. Joseph University, not only to consolidate the long-term friendship between the two schools and display thetraditional national cultural performances, but also to jointly promote the diversity of campus culture and encourage teachers and students to spread traditional culture through different forms of activities.

    On the evening of the 21st, the performance of our school’s teachersbrought an audio-visual feast and won warm applause from the audience. The performance attracted more than 300 students, teachers, overseas Chinese leaders, overseas Chinese and local people . The response was enthusiastic and was published in two pagesby the local Chinese newspaper The US China Press .

Wu Yueyue said that the purpose of thisvisit is to doacademic exchange and cultural exchange, and he hoped that through cultural and artistic forms, the American people couldhave a deeper understandingof China's history and culture,andbetter understand Changsha Normal University,to seek the possibility of cooperation between the two universities in more aspects.

    The performance of the cultural and artistic exchange group not onlyimpressed the teachers and students of St.Joseph Universitydeeply , but also excited the overseas Chinese Leaders and overseas Chinese in Philadelphia, by feeling the culture of China . Mr. Wang, theformer dancer of Hunan Song and Dance Troupe, excitedly said , "I think today's performance is very wonderful. I am very excited to see performance from my motherland, especially from my hometown, in a foreign country.And I hopewe canhave more contacts and exchanges. " During the visit, the group heard that the United States was seriously affected by the hurricane, and then they took part in the disaster relief activities of St.Joseph University in the form of performance.

    On the 23rd, the grouparrived at Lauren Community University in Ilia, Ohio. During the three-day visit and exchange, they inspected the beautiful environment of Lauren Community University campus, felt the humanistic atmosphere of the campus, and visited classrooms, theaters, etc.

   On the 25th, our delegationgave two special performances in Hoke Theatre at Lauren Community University. About 200 people attendedit, including Dr. Rimet,the Executive President of Lauren Community University,and the director of the International Department, Dr. Lauren, the dean of the Faculty of Humanities, and Peterson,the famous saxophonist,and some students. The "Chinese Traditional Folk Music Performance" brought by the exchange group of our school was brilliant and won praise from guests at home and abroad. All seats are occupiedand applause continuedfor a long time . After the performance, professor Wu Yueyue, the assistant to the president of our school andthehead of music and dance department, signed a friendly cooperation agreement on the spotwith the executive president of Lauren Community University . Wu Yueyue said: "First of all, I am very grateful to Lauren Community University for its warm hospitality, professional arrangements and rehearsals made the whole performance go smoothly and successfully. Secondly , the performance of our school's cultural and artistic performancegroup in Lauren Community University have deepened the mutual understanding, signing a friendly cooperation agreement on this basis is an extension of friendship and a new beginning of cooperation and exchange. I hope two schools can carry out multi-faceted cooperation as soon as possible!"

    After the performance, Lauren Community University also specially arranged a tea break, duringwhichmany local artists, music professors, Chinese and overseas Chinese,teachers and students took pictures with our teachers and showed their admiration for traditional Chinese national musical instruments and dance performances. They hoped thecultural exchanges between the two countries and two schools can have more forms. This visit was the first time that our folk music culturaland artistic exchange group performed in the United States. The teachers and students of the group have overcome the difficulties in traveling and adapting to the environment. They have built a bridge of cultural exchangesbetween China and the United States with art, and promote the Chinese culture, displayed the elegant temperament and spiritual style of Changsha Normal University, surprised the American people and made overseas Chinese proud! And, it is also of great benefit to improvethe school's international reputation and the exchange and cooperation between our school and friendly schools.(Shi Yangtangshi , International Cooperation and Exchange Office)

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