Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

    Be People-oriented, Broad-minded,Diligent,Persistent and Advancing with Times.

    It can be interpreted as follows:

    People-oriented: It is the demonstration of Mr. Xu Teli’s educational outlook “People-oriented”and his spirit of “Loving your students as your sons”which is also an intrinsic requirement of fulfilling the basic mission of moral education.

    Be Broad-minded: It is an extension of Xu Teli’s thought of “Saving our country through education”and “Never forget to save our country by reading”. To realize our Chinese dream of “Rejuvenating Chinese Nation”, our teachers should have a sense of mission while students should broaden their mind and be broad-minded.

    Be Diligent & Persistent: It reflects Xu Teli’s spirit of “Xu’ s Lutetium Pot”which means Xu worked as both the head and the servant of the school. It portraits the university’s long-term dedication to normal education and preschool teachers education as well as the cornerstone of its glory of a hundred years.

    Advance with Times: It embodies Xu’s spirit of “No matter how fast the wheels of revolution move, you always keep pushing them ahead.”and the university’s leapfrogdevelopment in the recent decade. It is also an inevitable requirement for the university to pursue even greater development and a necessary element in the educational cause’s innovation development in the future.

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