Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction of Changsha Normal University

    Changsha Normal University is a full-time undergraduate institution of higher education under the administration of Hunan provincial government. The university’s predecessor was Changsha Normal School which was established in 1912 by Mr. Xu Teli, a former teacher of Chairman Mao and a great educator in China.

    CSNU boasts a long history, deep humanistic connotations,excellent teachers and students.During its development of ten decades, a collection of scholars and celebrities like Yang Changji, Zhu Jianfan and Zhou Gucheng have made their contribution. Inspired by Xu Teli’s educational thought and fine tradition,it also has been proud of producing over twenty revolutionary martyrs and more than a hundred thousand dedicated talents in various fields. As the foremost memorial and research base of Mr. Xu Teli, CSNU has always been valued by CPC and governments at all levels. Abatch of Party and state leaders haveshown their concern for the school in various ways like writing inscription,granting an interview,inspecting and visiting.

    Conditions of School Operation: Currently the university covers a total campus area of 1153.35 mu (1mu=0.0667 hectares), a total building area of 400.6 square meters, including two campuses: the southern campus in Xingsha and the northern campus in Ansha. It is equipped with instrumentsand equipmentsfor teaching and scientific research of 82.7 million yuan, paper books of 795.6 thousand volumes in the university library. Its beautiful design of the university environment has won the second prize awarded by the Ministry of Education of PRC.

    Disciplines & Specialties: The university has set up 26 specialties for undergraduates covering six major disciplines : pedagogy, art,literature, natural science, engineering and management, among which there are one provincial level characteristic application discipline, three provincial level key specialties, two provincial level pilot specialties for comprehensive reform and reform of the educational system, one reform program for nurturing excellent kindergarten teachers under the administration of the Ministry of Education of PRC, three national level excellent courses, seven provincial level excellent courses and six provincial level first prizes of teaching achievements of higher education.

    Platform Construction: The university has set up a number of platforms for different disciplines such as the National Research Center for Children’s Physical Development, the Research Center of Preschool Education in Hunan Province and the Training Center for Kindergarten Teachers in Hunan Province. It has been approved as National Special Committee for Preschool Teachers and the Presidency Unit of Hunan Preschool Education Association.

    The Faculty: The total number of faculty members in service reaches 796, among which 64 members are entitled high professional title, 160 members are given vice high level title, 623 members have got their doctoral or master degree.Part of them have been awarded other honorary titles such as expertentitledtoGovernmentSpecialAllowance(GSA), Member of National Higher Education Teaching Steering Committee , Winner of Zeng Xianzi Education Fund Award and Winner of Xu Teli Education Award in Hunan Province.

    Talent Training: As a executingunit for Excellent Teacher Training Program initiated by the Ministry of Education of PRC, a teachers training base for building an educationally powerful province in Hunan and the main front of nurturing preschool talents, related scientific research and social work in Hunan Province, by sticking to facing Hunan Province and radiating the whole country, the university aims at training advancedapplied talents. Currently the headcount of full-time undergraduates and three-year program students exceeds 16 thousand. Its graduates are very much welcomed by employers for their high qualities, which has been reported and praised as “the Phenomenon of CSNU”by media at various levels, like China Central Television, Hunan Satellite TV and Hunan Daily.

    Scientific Research: Scientific research has been done to enhance teaching in the university. Its research in preschool education enjoys a leading position in Hunan Province and an important influence in China. The journal of Preschool Education Researchsponsored by the university is the only one core journal in this field and a source journal of Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI).

    Social Service: The university contributes to the local economic and social development through deepening its cooperation with local government and enterprises. It plays its role of think tank to the full for the government in chairing major projects such as the experimental project of Guidelines for learning and development forchildrenaged 3 to 6 in Hunan Province. Adopting the concept of “Value Training Quality, Social Benefits and Teachers’Improvement”, the university elaborate its implementation of the plan for national training of kindergarten teachers. Hence it has been selected and approved as a national training center of kindergartenteachers and a development organization of Kindergarten teacherstraining curriculum standards.

    Culture Inheritance & Innovation: The university dedicates to educating people through culture and aesthetics, implementing the project of “Life Guidance, Cultural Nourishment and Art Edification ”and strengthening moral education in an all-round way for which it has won series of honorary titles such as “National Leading Unit of Art Education in Schools”.

    International Exchanges:The university has run the school with an open mind and international view. Since 1980s, it has become included in organizations cooperating with UNESCO. During the past decade, it has deepened its exchanges and cooperation with twenty odd foreign universities in USA, UK, Japan, South Korea and Canada engaging in projects like sendingteachersmutually, students’ paid internship in summer vacation, long-term and short-term overseas study.

    “Both banks broaden with receding tides, a single sail hangs in the tail wind.” The university will continue to adhere to the spirit of “Being People-oriented, Broad-minded, Diligent, Persistent and Advancing with Times”, the path of “Transformation Development, Connotative Development, Characteristic Development and Scientific Development ”and forge ahead toward the goal of building a nationally influential application-oriented advanced normal university featuring preschool education.

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