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Scholar Activity---“The Art of the Future”

public time:2020-01-09

Scholar Activity---The Art of the Future: Display the Best Graduation Works to Show the StudentsPresence

    “This set of design is inspired by ancient buildings characterized by eclecticism. It makes the design return to traditional style and navigate between fashion and cultural tradition.” On the evening of May 15,“Brothers Grimm Cup”, the 2019 fashion design major graduation design exhibition was held in our north campus theatre.


    Centeringon the theme of tradition and modernization,this year’s graduation design exhibition aims to lead students to integrate the spirit of traditional culture with modern life, which has displayed more than 150 works of 25 series crafted by 56 fresh graduates.


    Leading experts, from a famous clothing enterprise and the sister college, were invited to be judgesof the event. Vice President Wu Chunhui made a welcome address, placed keen hope and blessing to graduates of 2016 class and wished the exhibition a complete success.


    In the backdrop of a high sense of science and technology, the models were stepping with a lightsome pace toward audiences. Different kinds of artistic elements, from the avantgarde of “Freedom Land” and the color collision of “Dazzle”, to the minimalism of “Black and White” and the illusion of “Monica’s Garden”, generated dazzling sparks on the stage. With such unrestrainedly creative thoughts that the designer’s conception was made into pieces of design works dressed by models.


    “Oriental Cultural Charm” injects the elements of Peking Opera Facial Make-up into costumes through modern design, so as to interpret traditional culture with a bran-new concept; The inspiration of “Black and Red” springs from “Women and War”. Its blend of the purest two colors highlights both the feminine and strong-minded quality. Its combination of free contours and English letters appears both enjoyable and fashionable. Inspired by “Wolf Warriors II”, “Subverter” applies military green as the primary color, coupled with the same color camouflage and down feathers, this modeling shows the world the iron backbones of the Chinese soldiers. The red flag is the most striking point in the design.


    At the end of the show,20 sets of environmental protection and innovative-related costumes made of waste and unused materialswere launched , surprising the audiences and improving the atmosphere to a new high.


Wang Huiyun, who is about to graduate, holding her graduation design award certificate, responded to the journalist. She said “thanks to my guider’s help , I won the award. And as a fashion designer, I will keep striving all the way because there’s still a long way to go.”

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