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The Graduation Season: Changsha Normal University, We Don’t Say Goodbye

public time:2020-01-09

The Graduation Season: Changsha Normal University, We Don’t Say Goodbye


    June is the beginning of the graduation season. During this short period of time, graduates dressed in academic gown, wander around campus, take graduation photos, greet teachers and plan for a graduation trip. Every time at this moment , their figures are a unique scene on campus.


    Before the departure time, my Alma Mater, I want to tell the world once again that I will love you all my life. Whenever and whereverI go, youalwaysare my sunshine.



    We visit thefamiliar places once again. Hidden within those places are our shared golden times. Youths, you should keep striving for brilliance. Otherwise, when we meet again, how can we face our shining youth?


    The student days and the beautiful girlswill remainin our memory.

    There are many ways to bid farewell.



    But one of them is, no matter how high wefly, when overlookingfrom the air, what all we seeis the shape ofourlove for you.


    We graduate! We graduate! If your joy cannot hide, just throw your mortarboard high in the air. All things in here will remember your voice.



    I am going to leave from you Changsha Normal University, my Alma Mater. I am really not in the mood to say goodbye.



    Hope you take good care of yourself and come back often!

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