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ChangshaNormal University Holds 2019 Summer Concert of the Lotus Chorus

public time:2020-01-09

ChangshaNormal University Holds 2019 Summer Concert of the Lotus Chorus

[Editor’snotes]The Lotus Chorus affiliatesto Chinese Communist Youth League Committeeof Changsha Normal University. Xu Zhongwei, Dean of Music and Dance School is the head of the chorus. Sun Xun, conductor and tenured Professor of Southern Utah University is the art director. Deputy professor Huang Zhiming is the guest conductor. Zhou Xuanfei works as the permanent conductor and Chen Lin as vocal music instructor. The Lotus Chorus upholds the school motto of being virtuous, knowledgeable, unique and practical and spread elegant music. They make their presencein all kinds of chorus competitions and international exchange activities on behalf of Changsha Normal University. They have won the first prize in the art performance categoryof the fifth national university student’s art exhibition and performance, the B title of woman’s voice group in the 14thChina international chorus festival and the gold medal of Hunan province in the art performance categoryof the fifth national university student’s art exhibition and performance. Theirsinging style is varied. They are one of the culture cards of Changsha Normal University.

    “Theelite were bred in the kingdom of Chu and the best were clustered here; ChangshaNormal University is famous for its Chu spirit; the lotus of Chu is fragrant and pure…”On June 21st, 7p.m, the Lotus Chorus of Changsha Normal University was holdingthe 2019 summer concert at the school concert hall.


    The concert performedover ten choral works of differentstyles, among which there are Just A Single Voice, Jasmine Arirang, Crescent Moon, and See Off in the south of the city of mixed works, Give Us Hope, Happy Meeting, Chile Prairie, A Song From My Heart, The Moon Tells My Heart, Dandelion, Shenandoah, and The Season Of Sakura of female voice works, Legend and Rebellions Is Beating Their Earth-Shaking Drums of male voice works and Paganini: Cantabile of violin solo. All past members of the Lotus Chorus were invited and came to the concert. They sang Give Us Hope and Happy Meeting together. At last, all the cast sang My Motherland And Me with audience.


    The concert hall is crowded with audience and animated atmosphere. The wonderful performance of the Lotus Chorus is well received by teachers, students and audience.



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