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Changsha Normal University Holds the Commencement & Degree Awarding Ceremony for 2019 Class

public time:2020-01-09

[Graduation Season]:  

Changsha Normal University Holds

the Commencement Degree Awarding Ceremony for 2019 Class


    “No matter how high you fly and how far you go,Alma Materwill miss you and bless you,”which was kindly addressed by Cao XiaoXian, the president of Changsha Normal University. What he said moved the 2019 graduates.

    On June 19th, Changsha Normal University held the commencement and degree awarding ceremonyfor graduates of 2019class at studio theatre onthe north campus. Li XueQuan, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Changsha Normal University attended the ceremony, coupled with Cao XiaoXian, Presidentof Changsha Normal Universityand Deputy Secretary of the PartyCommittee of Changsha Normal University, Yang Bing, a member and Deputy Secretary of the PartyCommittee, Huang KuaiLin, vice president andamember of the PartyCommittee, Ling ChunSheng, member of the PartyCommittee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, Xu QingJun, vice president and a member of the PartyCommittee, Guo WenChao, a member of the PartyCommitteeand Head of the Publicity Department and United Front Work Department, Wang XueFeng, a member of the PartyCommitteeand Director of Party and GovernmentOffice. Huang KuaiLin presided the ceremony. Heads of colleges, representatives of teachers, counselors and head teachers of graduating classes and all the graduates of 2019 attended the ceremony.


    On behalf of Changsha Normal University, Li XueQuan warmly congratulated the graduates on their successful completion of their studies and the beninning of new journeys of their lives. He encouraged the graduates to hold the idea of “people-oriented”, care for the whole society and show the characteristics of Changshier wherever they are. He also encouraged them to have broad mind, great wisdom,poems and dreams. He urged them to be diligent, plain, and resilient and advance with the times. Having a meaningful life, one can be unsuccessful, but one can’t come to a standstill; one can be nobody, but can’t live without pursuit; one can be poor, but can’t be unhappy. He hoped that the graduates not only to be virtuous, knowledgeable, unique and practical but also learn to use their own minds to perceive, feel and reflect on the world.

    Every graduate is the wondering son of his Alma Mater. At the ceremony, Song MiaoJing, a teacher representative of Preschool Education School together with Song CaiZhen, a teacher representative of Sports Science School sent their wishes to the graduates and hoped them to work hard, forge ahead with determination, make more good friends and enrich themselves. Meanwhile, they are supposed to stay healthy mentally and physically, and be grateful to return the society.

    Representatives of graduates shared their growing storiesand expressed sincere gratitude to Changsha Normal University. Jiang XiaoWei, a student of Art and Design School and Xu You, a student of Economics and Management School both delivered a speech. In their speeches, they mentioned “we all own a proud name, which is Changshier. We have to inherit the ‘revolution first, work first, and others first’sprits of Xu Teli, put sprits of ‘people-oriented, diligence, simplicity, caring for the whole society, and advancing with the times’into practice. Devote ourselves to the Chinese Dream of realizing the national rejuvenation.”

    Mr. Liu Leiming, the parent of Liu Siyi from Music and Dance School, coupled with Mrs. Hu Yingjun, the parent of Wang Jing from Primary Education School, delivered their speech as the representatives of graduate’s parents. They both said that theirchildrennot only get greatly improved in professionallevel but also comprehensive ability. As parents, they hoped their children to remember Changsha Normal University forever.

    “Farewell, Changsha Normal University. Farewell, fellow friendsand teachers.”“There is a time limit for university; however, our friendship is an exception. I am grateful for the four years of living and studyingtogether. ”After the ceremony, graduates take photos together and sign on the walls and panels which were specially arranged by the university to show their gratitude to Changsha Normal University and their reminiscence for the wonderful four years.


    At the ceremony, the leaders of Changsha Normal University declared the Notification on Recognizing Outstanding Graduates of 2019 and Outstanding Graduates in Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Hunan General Institution of Higher Education, Decision On Recognizing Outstanding graduates of 2019, Decisionon Recognizing and Awarding for Graduates’Work on the Postgraduate Entrance Examination, and Decisionon Awarding Li WeiYi and Other 1488 Graduates Degrees.

    Leaders of Changsha Normal University and members of the AcademicDegree Assessment Committee awarded degree for the graduates who had obtained the degrees.

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