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Welcome by President

public time:2019-12-31


    Goodness takes root in the teaching and the essence of teaching lies in the teacher. Normal education lays the foundation for the national education.

    Changsha Normal University is a full-time undergraduate institution of higher education under the administration of Hunan provincial government. The university’s predecessor was Changsha Normal School which was established in 1912 by Mr. Xu Teli, a former teacher of Chairman Mao and a great educator in China. During the past six decades, the university has been forging ahead with its original aspiration, a century’s dedication to normal education and persistent efforts in developing preschool teachers education. It has developed into the first independently upgraded preschool normal university, a executingunit for Excellent Teacher Training Program initiated by the Ministry of Education of PRC, a teachers training base for building an educationally powerful province in Hunan and the main front of nurturing preschool talents, related scientific research and social work in Hunan Province.

    Our university, adhering to Xu Teli’s educational thought and his fine tradition in running school, has fostered a string of pillars of the country including Tian Han, the author of the national anthem, Xu Guangda, a senior general of PRC, and liao Mosha, a renowned writer in China and a hundred thousand odd outstanding talents who contribute a lot to the development of grassroots. The Ministry of Education of PRC has offer the university the comments as “inherit the spirit of normal education for a century and win a good reputation ”

If you want a river to flow far, you must fully dredge its source. Now, we are openning up the English version of our official website with the aim of openning a new window to the outside world and facilitating our international exchanges and cooperation through telling well stories of CSNU, spreading voices from CSNU so that CSNU will make strides to and be embraced by the world.

    We will adopt the school motto of “Being Virtuous,Learned, Creative and Practical”,fulfillthe spirit of “ Being People-oriented, Broad-minded,Diligent,Persistent and Advancing with Times” , focus on preschool teachers education and children development related areas, coordinate the development of other disciplines and specialties in order to build our university into an applied undergrate institution of higher normal education with wider horizon and strong characteristics in running the school which features bringing up application-oriented talents in possession of international view, CSNU spirit, Chinese heart and soul.

    I firmly believe under the call of our great times, our university will enjoy an even brighter prospect owing to our unremitting efforts and strong support from all sides.

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